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In this summer instalment of the 3064 blog, we're turning our focus to recent experiences and journeys featuring Iceland and Nepal.

Join us as we reveal the upcoming product launches and release dates, along with sneak peeks of what's in store for the rest of the year. Plus, don't miss out on the freshest content created by our 3064 community.


1. Iceland - Product Testing & Travel Tips.

2. Nepal - With ODL & Ridgley Eye Foundation.

3. Exclusive New Product News & Release Dates.

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LOCATIONS: Skógafoss Waterfall // Borgarnes // Reynisfjara Beach // Þingvallavatn // Sólheimasandur.

FEATURING: Nomad28L // RollTop22L // Duffel42L

We travelled in early April, as Iceland emerged from its winter slumber. Our mission was to we put our latest prototypes through their paces amidst Iceland's diverse terrain, ensuring resilience and functionality in adverse conditions.

April In Iceland - While the weather remains unpredictable at this time of year, with fleeting bursts of sunshine the landscape begins to transform, making more areas accessible. We were met with Sunshine and interludes of snowfall, making this a perfect setting to test concepts & capture content for our newest Backpacks in the pipeline.

3064 Exclusive

Iceland Travel Tips

Some essential tips for your Iceland adventure:


Rent a car capable of navigating Iceland's rugged terrain including mountain roads, known as F roads in Iceland, and be sure to make sure your vehicle is equipped with snow tyres if you’re looking to go off-grid. The team rented a Jeep 4x4 from Reykjavik Cars (reykjavikcars.com), based at Reykjavik Airport. We considered them to be a cost-effective and incredibly supportive choice. Quick advice: Make sure to select Sat Nav as an option with your rental; depending entirely on your phone for navigation isn't recommended.

Clothing and Outerwear

Waterproof Jacket and Pants - Iceland's weather can be unpredictable, waterproof gear is essential.

Layered Clothing: Pack thermal base layers, fleece or down jackets, and moisture-wicking materials.

Sturdy Boots: Comfortable, waterproof hiking boots with good grip for uneven terrain.

Gloves and Hats: Protect yourself from cold winds.

Safety and Navigation - Use a GPS Device or Smartphone with Offline Maps: Essential for navigation, especially in remote areas.

First Aid Kit - Include essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any personal medications.

Accessories & Camera Gear

Backpack: Choose a weather-sealed backpack with compartments for organising your gear. Throughout the journey, the Nomad28L and Rolltop22L stood as reliable companions, built tough to withstand the elements and completely waterproof. The Nomad28L served as our trusty travel carry-on, while the Rolltop22L accompanied us on our day excursions.

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera: Choose a camera that suits your preferences and budget, with good low-light performance.

Lenses: A wide-angle lens for landscapes and a telephoto lens for capturing wildlife and details.

Lens Cleaning Kit: Dust and moisture are common in Iceland, so keep your lenses clean for optimal image quality.

Waterproof Camera Cover: Protect your camera from rain and spray when shooting near waterfalls or in wet conditions.

Portable Power Bank: Ensure your devices stay charged, especially if you're camping or spending long days outdoors.

Tripod: Essential for long exposures, especially during Iceland's extended daylight hours in summer.

Lens Filters: ND filters for long exposures and polarizing filters for reducing glare and enhancing colours.

Extra Batteries and Memory Cards: Ensure you have enough storage and power for extended shooting sessions.

Additional Essentials

Fluids and Snacks: Stay hydrated and energized during long days of exploration.

Headlamp or Flashlight: Useful for navigating in low light or exploring caves and tunnels.

Portable Shelter: Consider a lightweight tent or bivvy for camping adventures, allowing you to capture sunrise and sunset shots in remote locations.

Remember to pack efficiently and prioritise essential items based on your planned activities and preferences. And always respect Iceland's natural environment by following Leave No Trace principles and local regulations.

Adventure sustainably! ThreePeaks.® Team


Nepal with ODL X Ridley Eye Foundation

(Featuring: ThreePeaks.® Nomad42L)

ODL Agency works at no cost to support and document the Ridley Eye Foundation in Nepal. Through their innovative ‘ethical spending model,’ ThreePeaks.® had the chance to join them on their recent creative journey to Nepal.

This collaborative approach not only ensures top-notch content for a diverse array of products but also contributes to positive social impact - an ethos
we’re proud to champion.



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Big thanks to Emily Endean @emily_endean_photography for the Commuter 22L review, to check it out hit the link below.

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RollTop22L - Black Rock

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