Travel Tips - The Sustainable Edition 2023 ⛰️ - Three Peaks GBR

Time to up your travel game? Pack smarter & optimise your trip experience, the sustainable way!

1. Start with a lightweight and durable backpack - preferably a more eco friendly option!
2. Pack only the essentials – you can always buy things on the road.
3. Use packing lists to keep track of items and avoid overpacking.
4. Pack versatile clothing items that can be layered. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space. Leave bulky items like towels and blankets at home.
5. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes that are comfortable and durable.
6. A tote bag or laundry bag will help to separate your dirty clothes in your main bag.
7. Bring laundry detergent - this enables you to re-wear clothes and pack lighter.
8. Pack a refillable toiletry kit to avoid buying travel-sized plastic bottles.
9. Pack a reusable water bottle and refill it as you go. A reusable cutlery set can also be useful to reduce waste while eating on the go.
10. Invest in a quality, lightweight travel pillow & ear plugs for those long, potentially noisy bus or train rides.
11. Pack a portable charger for your electronics, don't run out of battery at crucial times!
12. Choose eco-friendly and biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent.
13. Bring a small first aid kit with essential items like plasters and pain relievers.
14. Pack a USB stick to backup important documents or photos. The Three Peaks GBR - Accessories bag is a handy, adaptable, electronics travel companion to keep items like this organised and secure.
15. Pack snacks and instant coffee for long journeys!
16. Aside from your main larger bag, also consider using a travel-sized backpack as your personal item on a plane. Packing a light and foldable backpack is also useful as a daypack. The Three Peaks GBR - Tide 12L or 18L backpacks are suitable options.
17. Always use an ATM for the best exchange rate!
18. Book eco-friendly accommodations like eco-lodges or hostels. Hostels are also filled with friendly, well-travelled, and knowledgeable people which can help!
19. Choose sustainable transportation options where possible like biking or walking.
If travelling further use public transportation when available instead of renting a car.
Use an app like Rome2rio to find the cheapest and most efficient options.
20. Use Google Maps' offline mode to save data while navigating.
21. Security - use a lockable backpack where possible. Some backpacks also feature a hidden security pocket to keep your valuables safe, such as our Commuter 22L & Kaito 20L. You can also choose to put duct tape on valuables such as a camera - If it looks broken, nobody wants to steal it.
22. Support local farmers markets and small businesses along the way
23. Choose tours and activities that support sustainable communities and practices.
24. Learn a few basic words in the local language & learn about the local culture and traditions to better respect and understand them, ahead of time.
25. Lastly but very importantly! Be sure to check the expiration date of your passport well in advance of travelling. Some countries require six months of validity to grant entry, so the deadline may be sooner than the actual expiration date written on your passport.
Remember it’s about the journey, not the destination. Adventure sustainably!